Tuesday, April 1, 2014

As an agent of Ambani...

In 2003 / 2004, my business was flourishing due to boom in share market. I did not have much time to listen to any news channels except business channels. But I had a habit of doing all my paperwork in front of my tv , instead of at my desk in my office...I still have that habit. I used to listen to Modi's speeches while doing my paperwork. In 2003 / 2004 he was not as popular as he is now...or rather he was discriminated by Congress & its paid media. Yes, I believed him then & I believe him now. I believe he was never at fault at the time of 2002 riots. In my opinion, he has been the biggest victim of Gujarat riots.While talking of Gujarat riots people very 'conveniently' forget that Hindus also suffered in 2002...not that I justify killings of Muslims. Killings can never be justified...unless others' lives are in danger. What my point is...Modi has all the proofs that he was not at fault ( including the letter to Digvijay Singh asking for help at the time of the riots to which Digvijay Singh-then the CM of Madhya Pradesh had refused  after 13 days )  while Congress hasn't got a single proof against Modi !
Contrary to RaGa's claim... 
Talking about riots...how many people in India know , how Modi had arranged for the safety of 6000 Hajis ( pilgrims ) of Gujarat ?  Those Hajis landed at Ahmedabad airport the day after the riots began. The air port authorities informed the police & the police directly approached Modi to seek advice. Officers were told that each one of them should be met at the airport and escorted safely to their homes., or else they would lose their job. Several of them were from Rajkot from where Modi had fought his first election with massive Muslim support. This was not just a formal instruction. Each person and family of those 6,000 Hajis was actually escorted by the police to 400 different locations of Gujarat right to their doorstep!
ST Bus stand Vadodara
In private conversation Ghulam Vastnavi admits
to having been helped by Modi when the madrasa run by his trust was surrounded by a riotous mob . But he has not dared say a word publicly lest he is hounded by the “secular brigade” and his institutions in Congress-ruled States shut down.
I don't think any media showed this ! It was in our local news papers.
A couple of years back, while cleaning a cupboard I found an old news paper from the year 1998. I had kept the copy of it because a friend had written an article in it about a classical program held in Surat at that time. I was shocked to see the headlines on the front page of the paper. I had forgotten how the situation was in Gujarat  in 1998 ! No, I would not tell you what it was. In fact, when I showed the news paper to some of my friends , a couple of them suggested that I upload it to net , as it was assembly election time in Gujarat. I refused to do that..saying if I do that & it gets viral, riots might flare up in Gujarat again ! ( & Modi would be blamed again. )

Anyway.. I did not start this post to write about riots...As I was saying I used to listen to Modi's speeches. He used to visit different villages regularly in Gujarat. The way he tried to persuade farmers to adopt drip irrigation system , for which his government gives subsidy..( unlike 'some' of the 'politicians' who announce free water & electricity )... The way he used to tell them , how the water would not be wasted & the ladies of the family would not have to clear the weeds...I have never seen anyone talking so persuasively ! He used to tell people the benefits of rainwater harvesting. I used to read reports of him seeking advise / giving suggestions on how to build check dams in different areas across channels in our local news paper.
Talking of subsidies Gujarat government also provides subsidy for solar energy.
This man has a vision ! He always encourages small business...not only giving them ideas ; but also helping them with implementation of those ideas. Have you been to Rann Utsav ?( Do watch this video ) Where people did not have much work before, it is thriving with tourism & handicrafts !
Though Congress has treated Gujarat as its 'step state' by not providing gas / providing it at a higher rate ( Despite taking away entire gas found in Gujarat,  Centre has been supplying the same to the state at 30% higher than the rate supplied to Delhi & Mumbai for the last many years. ( click here to read more-a link from another of my blog ) ; not giving permission for new projects...just so that Modi would not get credit for anything ; Modi's vision has taken Gujarat to new heights. Our state has won many awards ( Rajiv Gandhi Foundation-Chair person Sonia Gandhi ! )
Gujarat’s roads has been noticed internationally. IEG Report
has placed the state highways of  Gujarat as better than the
international desireable level! It lauded the role played by
the state roads and building department and said that it
underwent the project in an extremely professional manner.
It concluded that Gujarat scores above other states
in “implementation completion and results”. This success
would never have been possible without the far sighted
leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, who placed great emphasis
 on highways in the development journey of Gujarat.
Source : TOI
Sujalam Sufalam ( a unique project of Narendra Modi to rid the drought prone northern region of Gujarat of water problems) , Jyotirgram (   bringing 24-hour, three-phase power supply to all the 18,000 villages of Gujarat ) , Kanya Kelavani ( Girl Child Education ) are some of the schemes which are running successfully in Gujarat.
Before you think that I am a BJP spokesperson , let me tell you that I have not joined any political party...not even planning to join politics. I am a common person from Gujarat.
A 'development blind ' anarchist comes with  ' fixed agenda ' to the tour of Gujarat; meets some people 'arranged' by Congress & attacks my Gujarat ! How can I keep mum ?
By the way, according to Kejriwal I might qualify as Ambani agent, so may I claim for payment from Ambani ?

source : The Unreal Times
( I have combined two pictures )
All the readers are welcome to Gujarat to see the development...just one thing..please don't come with Kejiwal or all these places might disappear !
On a serious note...Congress has brainwashed people of India so much since independence with their 'pseudo-secularism' politics for vote bank that Indians are now Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jats, Jains ( though Jain community is very angry at getting minority status )...no one is Indian !
& naturally Gujarat is not in India ! Instead of being proud of growth of an Indian state ; they are spreading lies about Gujarat !
India does not have any other issues like terrorism, inflation , economic decline , fiscal deficit..all of them have only one issue-Modi !
Congress is facing anti-incumbency because of their scams & inflation ; so they have put a dummy candidate- Kejriwal , so that he could beg votes for his candidates & give them to Congress !  Can anyone see the connection ? He came in politics in the name of corruption, now he does not have any problem with corruption , he has only one issue-Modi !
Yes, I support Modi because I have seen his vision..implementation of ideas...infrastructure development...but I don't agree with everything his government does.
Dhobi ghat Ahmedabad
Can Kejriwal sense a prospective supporter ? He shouldn't...my problem is...I don't like item songs !
anyone can contact Modi for his problems
in Swagat Online Program which is conducted regularly.

Did you know that the 'world's first' canal-top 1 MW solar
project on Narmada branch canal network  in Gujarat was
commissioned within 1,000 days of conception?
Gujarat  is the first Indian state to  complete  such a project,
though the Punjab  was the first to envision this solar  project
a few years ago.
Full report 

APMC Market Surat , where farmers sell their
crop directly to the residents of our city
..a brainchild of it's chairman Ramanbhai Jani,
who commented at the time of inauguration
that due to Modi  the land of the
market was not grabbed by any land grabber.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

फूलों के ज़ख्म

Some lines that came to my mind on current situation of India.
Different lines compiled to one graphic..
Dedicated to...translating ( & changing ) a Gujarati proverb...anyone is allowed to wear the cap to whom it fits...
Once again I don't claim that I am a good writer or a poet.. 

Ashaar mere yun to zamane ke liye hain ,
kuchh sher fakat unko sunane ke liye hain...
ab ye bhi nahin theek ke har zakhm bhula den
kuchh dard kaleje se lagane ke liye hain...
A friend asked me meaning of some words..
Khuddari - self respect
fitrat-habit , character , nature ( it is in my nature )
kalam-pen ( here I mean 'reporting' - journalism )

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pahle Aap Pahle Aap !

"Congress is ready to support AAP without any conditions"
after winning just eight seats in elections !
( My first attemp at Cartoon )

Last night I was watching a news report on a news channel. News anchors were discussing the situation in Delhi after polls.
I don't like to watch debate on news channels between some political party spokespersons or their representatives.They just make a lot of noise blaming each other , which leaves a  bad taste in a person't mouth & mind. But I like to listen to two or more news anchors discussing different issues...which is becoming a trend on Indian news channels lately.At least they are 'more' honest ( or try to be ) at that time...without those political parties' spokespersons breathing over their necks ! Maybe those reports are fixed too...I like to think otherwise.
Coming back to that particular report...
A reporter said that AAP is trying to provoke BJP to form the government in Delhi. Once BJP tries to do some horse-trading to get required numbers ; AAP can blame them for doing so & keep their own 'clean' image intact & after BJP forms the government, AAP would keep keen watch on BJP ; so even after two-three months they could keep discriminating the party so as to get benefit in parliament elections.     
AAP members have become 100 % politicians now ! They know how to take benefit of peoples' feelings. As Sheela Dixit said, AAP sold dreams to people ( for a change I agree with her ! ) 
Are those dreams realistic ? Quoting a friend of mine.. ".AAP is promising an Utopian World. 'Practicality' is the word not associated with them. But, LOVE the jolt that they gave to CON-gress. Can I say that while I appreciate the sentiment behind aap, their manifesto is not worth the paper it's printed on..."
Take for example...How would they manage with cheap electricity whereas Delhi has to purchase electricity from other states ? 
As I have written at another blog of mine Gujarat had been fighting a case for cheap gas for the last many years , which Congress led UPA lost in Supreme Court too ...still they keep stalling it for one or another reason just because they don't want Modi to take credit for anything ! Wouldn't Congress do the same thing to Kejriwal if it remains in power ?       
I would have loved to see their government. Yes, I am a Modi supporter & ( I too would have kept keen eyes on AAP's government )..I live in Gujarat & I have seen Modi's governance , so I believe in him. Why does not AAP let see us their governance ? If he can help India , we should certainly give him a chance ! After all that is what matters !
I am scared only for one thing...he is following Congress' vote bank politics where minority votes are concerned.
Copying a comment ( & I fully agree with it ).. " In long run it will be proved AAP is not different from Congress or UPA. Already he supported a terrorist supporter Taukir, he is also soft on Batla house terrorists, Bangladeshi refugees , Naxalites , Red ideologies , Separatists to build Secular image. He was a bureaucrat and comes from the followers of Red Tapism.. Fatwa has been already issued that Muslim has to vote to party who can defeat BJP, the advantage AAP is trying to take as there is anti wave against UPA. In Delhi the issues are not much of price rise , unemployment . May be for corruption and law and order. As people are rich and youth come from rich families. So they got attracted toward M TV starter campaign specially first time voters. There also it was heard some abusive languages. AAP cannot be called free from corruption ,as shown in sting operation and no action taken..One ill mannered MLA against whom FIR is lodged broke house of an Congress MLA , Kejariwal is running away from forming govt because he knows, he has made theoretical promises and will fail like Manmohan Singh economics and may a minus point in coming election of Parliament. AAP will definitely join UPA in name of secularism, right now General Elections are near so he is not accepting unconditional support from Congress to form govt in Delhi even numbers are clear majority , 28 AAP Plus 8 Cong is 36 .."
Another comment : " AAP is caught in their own creation - ideological muddle. They should take the support of Congress and form the government. This way they will be able to show what they have all along preached. This will also demonstrate to them if their ideas can be successfully implemented. After this trial in a small state, they will be in a better position to demonstrate that they are now ready and capable of leading the country. I for one hate corruption, double speak, and the entire current political ethos. Does this make me capable of leading the country? Is this the only qualification required to lead the country? If the answer is yes, then we can never really have unity in the country."
If that is the true face of AAP, God save our country from them , Congress & other so called secular parties !  
Just one question-as an Indian , would you forgive them , if we lose Kashmir to Pakistan ?

Comments taken from..

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